PRESS RELEASE 18 Holes + 14 Clubs = 1 Love

Baltimore MD, June 11, 2013: “There is no remedy for love but to love more” Henry David Thoreau

Yooto’pea Golf LLC is a fashion/performance company specializing in timeless men’s golf apparel and accessories. Today we release the 1st Love Visor collection. “ We believe the 1st Love Visor is a great foundation piece for our collection. High quality and affordable luxury are truly represented with our headwear.”

18 Holes + 14 Clubs=1 Love is featured on the side panel our Visor. This is our “Equation to Golf Happiness” just a reminder for golfers to enjoy their round. It’s an updated design based on a 5 panel runner’s cap. Its a sleek lightweight cotton twill with a slightly longer bill. There is a variety colors to be paired with other pieces in our collection (Red Label Polo, “Strange Things Happen” and “Up Hill Battle” t-shirts)

Do you remember when you fell in love with golf? (tell us about it) The good and bad times. The 1st Love Visor is based on that. New golfers try to master golf. Timeless golfers tend to nurture their relationship through practice and then rounds. This visor transitions well from the range to the course to even leisure activities.

This year we are focusing on maintenance, whether it’s your golf game or your clothing. We have introduced a Care Instructions button on our web portal in order to assist customers with caring for their timeless pieces. Golf is a lifetime activity and wearing Yooto’pea is as well.

Answer this question from Team Yooto’pea via Great Golf Dialogue blog

“Do you remember when you fell in love with golf?”
1st Love Visor YouTube video:

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