“Life Lessons” Range Gear

“Life Lessons” Range Gear

“Life Lessons” A sketch design inspired by our love of the timeless classic Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) released in 1993. The “Life Lessons” graphic reminds us to inspire/nurture new golfers by providing opportunities to learn and grow.

A solid foundation and support system is essential to take on life/golf challenges. A relationship with golf can be rewarding mentally, physically and spiritually. A Life Lessons review before every round or Range Session continues to keep us grounded, 14 clubs (or fewer) working together for one goal.

Each piece we create is our ‘Thank You” to golf for the life lessons the game has provided.

The Love Affair continues….

Yooto’pea’s Five Life Lessons:

(1) Practice with Patience

Golf can be a stingy game the cup often has “Short Arms & Deep Pockets.” The Gza

(2) Focus on all the steps of your goal

Drive for show, putt for dough. Long drives and three putts are never a good thing. “Cash still Rules Everything Around Me.” C.R.E.A.M.  36 Chambers

(3) If you make a Commitment follow through:

“I was always taught the do’s and don’ts. The do’s I said I would and don’ts I said I won’t.” The Gza

(4) 9:15 rule

Bad shots can happen. Never stay down too long. ‘The sun will still come out tomorrow and shine, shine, shine…” The Gza.  Treat your highs and lows the same like 9:15 on the clock

(5) You are blessed…

“The sunshine is a gift, never take it for granted. Always wear sun screen and “Protect Ya Neck” 36 Chambers

  • Midnight Blue Tee
  • White/Red Accents
  • 50/50 Cotton Blend
  • Traditional Style Fit



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