Baltimore, Maryland March 8, 2012 – Press Release 2012

Yooto’pea Golf LLC is a fashion/performance company specializing in timeless golf apparel & accessories.

“We are re-focusing on the fundamentals and preparation needed to play golf. To quote Allen Iverson we really are talking about practice”, says president DeBrandon R. Jews Sr. “Whether its the driving range, putting green or grocery store every golfer is taking mental reps”.

Why not do so in Yooto’pea apparel?

As green fees become more expensive the economy has placed a premium on maximizing the value of a dollar. Our clothing is based on value, creativity, quality and craftsmanship. Our apparel is a solid long- term investment in timeless style.

Yooto’pea Golf embodies the competitive, stubborn nature of every golfer. It’s free to practice putting and chipping. Going to the range to work on muscle memory and mechanics is an investment into getting better. There are ways to get better without compromising quality. We focus on classic, stylish long lasting materials built for performance and maintaining fashion.

Patience, Focus & Commitment to getting better continues to be our motto. Our clothing is based on these principles.

Love your clubs, build a relationship with your swing, strive to be a better golfer and refuse to compromise quality. Celebrate your experience of Yooto’pea during your next round or range session

YTG believes that less is more and by creating limited quantities we can place a premium on materials and craftsmanship. Range Gear will be exclusively sold at

Each piece we create is our thank you to golf for the life lessons the game has provided. A true love affair…