So much hype and build up to the Masters Tournament each year and some how some way they always out do themselves. From the venue to the coverage provided by CBS,, Direct TV Masters Mix.  You get the Masters bigger and better every year.  WOW!!!!

This year we were treated to a Sunday with so many players in contention and then Sunday dessert  with a Playoff.  WOW!!! A Playoff for the Green Jacket??  This is more than anyone could ask for.  The only thing a golf fan could have asked for is a full round of golf,18 holes, Monday morning between Louis Oosthuizen and Bubba Watson…LOL I know I know but wouldn’t that have been awesome.  The beauty of Augusta National one more day. One more trip up Magnolia Lane.  One more day of roars from the crowd.  Just one more of everything from the Masters!!!!

Congratulations to the champion Mr Bubba Watson on winning his first major championship and a green jacket.  He displayed his creativity the entire weekend of the 2012 Masters. This was a victory for every FEEL GOLFER in the world.  Those feel golfers who like to shape shots. Those FEEL GOFERS who play the shot that is in front of them at that given moment. Those FEEL GOLFERS who truly enjoy the walk and the surroundings.  Hey Bubba we FEEL YOU!!!