Golf season is in full swing with daylight savings taking place the same weekend that @TigerWoods wins and event. This is a sure sign that its time to begin living the golf life.  That means more time at the course, more time at the range, more time on the putting green and more time thinking about your game.  But for the Urban Legend this means more time to wonder what happened to so many golfers who had a chance to supplant Tiger as the #1 draw in golf.  Golfers around the world have had 5-6 years to take over and become the NEW MEGA STAR. But interestingly enough no one has.  Sure @McIllroyRory is the latest #1 player in the world but does he demand the TV ratings.  NAH!!! What happened to Martin Kaymer, @LukeDonald, Phil Mickelson, @WestwoodLee, @RickieFowlerPGA, @GaryWoodland, Johnny Vegas and plenty more to name?  NONE of these guys decided to BLOW UP and become golfs top star or fan draw. This of course has the Urban Legend thinking why not???  I think it’s just the new breed of athlete and the lack of killer instinct.  This new breed of athlete has diluted all sports and it’s probably because these athletes are all politically correct and do not want to rub the world wrong.  Problem is to be the best you have to have Single Pointed Focus and you must DESTROY anything that gets in the way of your goal. The Top Athletes of the past had this FOCUS and we hated them for it but we loved the achievements on the field, court and course. As you prepare to immerse yourself in the 2013 golf season play with a FOCUS of becoming the best player you can!!!!!