The Urban Legend thinks golf is headed for a collision at the Tour Championship, @Playofffinale ,held at East Lake in Atlanta.  The golfers headed on this collision course have played plenty of Playoff golf together over the last 2 and soon to be 3 weeks.  Those individuals are @McIlroyRory and @TigerWoods.  Both gentleman are playing some exceptional golf and both gentleman feel comfortable on the links with one another.  They will start the 3rd Playoff event together at Crocked Stick in Indiana tomorrow and as I watch these guys play each week it appears to me that yes they are playing well but they are also pacing themselves for this grueling stretch.  Lets review, they have 3 straight weeks of Playoffs The Barclays, Deutsche Bank Championship and the BWM Championship.  Then a week of to rest.  Immediately followed by the collision all golf fans are waiting for at the Tour Championship.  Then before they can take a breathe The Ryder Cup is the following week.  What a stretch of golf and let me be the first person to say THANK YOU to @McIlroyRory and @TigerWoods for giving the golf world 6 weeks of everything we could have ever asked for. Thank you gentleman.