Press Release

Great Things Take Time to Create


Baltimore MD, April 2, 2013:  Introducing their signature polo “Red Label” the Baltimore based Yooto’pea (utopia) Golf LLC unveiled its newest tribute to golf.


Developing this shirt was a work of love. Patience, Focus and Commitment to getting better has driven the production of our signature piece.


We are expecting positive feedback from our loyal customer base. The performance and quality of our “Red Label” products are expected to maintain their timeless appeal. We are hoping some creative marketing strategies will bring new attention to our products. The photo shoot at Graffiti Warehouse in Baltimore was a lot of fun with great creative energy. “That was Super Bowl weekend and Baltimore was alive!”
The shirt will be offered exclusively at and will initially be offered in Crisp Cotton White with Red accents. There is a utility pocket on the right sleeve with a tailored fit.


The Red Label polo could easily become a few golfers new favorite shirt. Yooto’pea also plans to release new range gear including “72 or Better” headwear in olive along with the “Slice of Life” sketch t-shirt.


Each piece we create is our thank you to golf for the life lessons the game has provided. The love affair continues…


Yooto’pea is still building its 3 Club Classic golf event and hopes to partner with “The First Tee” for its Inaugural event. There will be a focus group playing nine holes on April 27. Yooto’pea is still seeking to reach its 1st professional partnership with a player on the PGA, European or Tour.



Red Label YouTube video: