It has taken a few days for the Urban Legend to digest the major announcement at Augusta National Golf Club.  2 women are now members of the once all male club.  I hope this is not a just a token move to remove the microscope that has been over them but a step, stating that ladies you too have lots to offer in the inner circles of business and golf.  The 2 women who will be members are heavy hitters and I do not mean just from the tee box.  These ladies are major players in the business world and in board rooms. Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore will become members in October 2012.  I sure hope the makers of the green jackets, Hamilton Tailoring Co. of Cincinnati, also has some ladies who design because nothing could be worst than having an ill fitting green jacket on these powerful women. Don’t mess up the details please because Strange things happen.  Make sure the ladies Green Jacket fits fabulously.