Well the @PGATour Playoffs begin today and for a playoff to have meaning we have to have a marquee matchup on the opening day.  That we do have, with @TigerWoods paired with @McIllroyRory and @ZachJohnsonPGA.  This pairing is the way we need to start the playoffs, the Top 3 players playing together right away.  Now what I hope is as we go to the next event and throughout the Playoffs we start each event with the Top 3 guys playing together for at least 2 days.  Let the players who are fighting to make it to the next round start the rounds with each other because they have an UP HILL BATTLE ahead of them. Numbers 101-125 have to do some work this week and in that group of players we have @Love3D , Jason Day and @JasonDufner.  You have to do work this week gentleman. @PGATour Playoffs are one of the Urban Legends favorite times of the year!!!