@RickieFowlerPGA finally gets that long awaited win on the @PGATour.  He was able to win in a sudden death playoff at the @WellsFargoGolf Championship in Charlotte, NC. Yes – this was a big win for him but it was a HUGE win for the sport of golf, as golf tries to reinvent its self as cool.  Nothing is cooler to young people than a dirt bike riding, flat bill hat wearing, orange clothed golfer.  Yes – he is the same age as @McIlroyRory (whom he beat in the playoff) but Fowler is considered far more cool, urban and hip. The Urban Legend thought there were a few mistakes made right away by the PGA Tour and Mr. Fowler as he entered the final moments before his win.
The first mistake was the TV coverage and the multiple cut a ways to his mom and his girlfriend.  True Urban Legends and cool guys do not have just 1 girlfriend and they sure do not make them public on such a huge stage.  This error immediately cut into ticket sales of young women who might attend a PGA event to meet the cool Rickie Fowler.  Also these young women might also take up the game of golf because of the young, cool and single Rickie Fowler.  Major mistake PGA … Major Mistake.  Show the mom but not the girlfriend.  FYI even the announcer did not know how to title this young lady.
Second error was the cutaway of he and Rory McIlroy smiling as he prepared to make the tournament winning putt.  Trust me it was cool to see two young guys enjoying the moment. But this image to up and coming golfers was not so cool.  In the era of UFC and American Football young athletes like to cheer for dominant aggressive winners, who will do whatever it takes to get the win. Rickie Fowler was considered one of these types because he is a dirt bike guy, a rebel, not a gentleman golfer.
The next big thing for the PGA Tour and golf courses around the world is to somehow piggyback this win and momentum of cool.  Somehow reach out to these young cool male and cool female athletes and get them to try golf.  Get them to see images of cool people playing, in cool clothes, in a cool environment.  The Urban Legend thinks the first step would be wifi, iPod/iPhone charging tricked out golf carts. Think about it……..