Tomorrow morning the opportunity that many in the media thought might not ever happen, just might…..  @TigerWoods with a win at The Open Championship at Royal Lytham and third place or lower finish from @LukeDonald would ascend to the #1 ranking in the world.  Yep the guy who went through everything personally, swing changes and not a major win in several years could be #1 in the world again, according to the world rankings.

This has the Urban Legend thinking…  Did @TigerWoods ever lose the #1 ranking the world in the minds of true golfers?  Is any golfer on the planet really better at playing golf, than @TigerWoods?  Yeah some of the young guns can win and tons of players have won majors since his last but none of them have put a stamp on being the best golfer on the planet. Sure he has missed cuts and is still tinkering with his game.  But the reality, is no matter the course and the conditions when TW pegs a tee in the ground, he is the best player in the eyes of all in attendance.  Bottom Line!!!

The beauty of the links courses are near and dear to the heart of the Urban Legend.  There is something majestic about links golf.  Is it the lack of trees?  Is it the consistent uneven lies in the fairways?  Is it the small greens?  Is it the wind and the weather? Is it the ability to play the ball along the ground? Is it the seaside links? What I think it really is that I enjoy most is the wardrobe required to complete 4 days of golf at a high level in The Open Championship.  The rain suits, the sweaters, the headwear, the buff (Martin Kaymer had on his neck), the footwear and the umbrellas.  For the golfers who appreciate creativity and style this is the best tournament of the year. The Urban Legend and Team @Yootopea have been asked by many what the inspiration was behind “The Gatsby” headwear?  It is the multiple weather changes and the unknown of links golf.  It was developing a piece of headwear that could face the unknown with style and function.  Make sure the pieces you have in your golf wardrobe are Timeless and ready to face the unknown, with style!!!!