Yooto’pea Golf is being recognized for it’s design and philosophy. Minor House, recently interviewed DeBrandon Jews, the president of Yooto’pea Golf, about the company’s inspirations, designs and business philosophy. MinorHouse is a Golf Fashion, Lifestyle, and Culture website that gives a unique look into the the “world” of golf. See the very revealing interview below

A Conversation with Yooto’pea Golf President DeBrandon Jews Sr.

Founded in 2000, Yooto’pea Golf was born from a desire to ensure golfers around the world would have the ability to have timeless experiences. Specializing in men’s golf apparel and golf accessories, the current Yooto’pea Golf offering includes polos and tees, headwear and accessories that are all versatile enough to be worn on and off the golf course.

MINORHOUSE had the opportunity to ask Yooto’pea Golf President DeBrandon Jews Sr. a handful of questions ranging from the icons and popular figures that inspire the image of the brand, to the brand’s philosophy on timeless design. Here is our conversation:

What was the inspiration behind starting Yooto’pea Golf?

Yooto’pea Golf was inspired by the need to provide tour quality products at a timeless price point.

One of the early things that shaped our company was an article in the local newspaper of a young golfer, maybe 14 years of age, taking mass transportation via bus, with his golf clubs, to a local municipal golf course to play. This image inspired us to not only create something to impact the golf industry but we also need to find ways to positively impact the individual lives of local golfers who face challenges to play the game we all love. We immediately reached out to this young golfer and his family to see if there was anything we could do to help. As a company we helped his golf team with uniforms, we helped orchestrate donations to his local high school golf program and when this young man went to college we continued to make sure he had his immediate needs meet. Impacting lives is our inspiration!

Are there brands or icons that inspire the aesthetic behind the brand?

Ali, Ralph Lauren, Andy Warhol, Frank Sinatra, Notorious BIG, Ben Hogan, Miles Davis, Matisse, Wu-Tang, Robert Redford, Langston Hughes, Pebble Beach.

Who designs the Yooto’pea’s apparel collections?

The main designer is my business partner Michael Floyd Jr. He is the mastermind behind developing new, fresh interpretations of classic golf pieces. After years of creating timeless pieces, he continues to challenge the norms and push us forward as a company.

The brand’s product line is heavily centered around headwear and polo shirts. Was this the plan from the beginning, and do you plan on expanding the Yooto’pea product line?

From the beginning in 2000 the plan has always been to create pieces that can transcend time. We painstakingly look at every element of a garment and look at ways to improve the functionality of that piece. Our polo shirt for example has been tweaked to provide the ultimate fit for performance, yet structured enough to easily slide underneath a blazer for a business meeting.

Our headwear has also been tweaked to provide maximum coverage from the sun with extended bills. The fabric of the “72 or Better” headwear derives from triathlon athlete’s needs. Breathable to run and cycle in, fits snug enough to swim in and dries out to return back to natural form in no time.

We plan to introduce more accessories as we find an opportunity to redefine segments based on the future golfer needs.

Could you tell us a little bit about the 3 Club Classic, and your brand’s heavy involvement in the event?

The 3 Club Classic is our annual event that challenges golfers of all skill levels to play 9 holes using only 3 clubs. It forces players to become shot makers and creative thinkers on the course. For years we have tinkered with creating an event that’s unique and will stand the test of time as golf continues to evolve. Playing a round of golf with limited resources and enjoying the process is timeless. Our third business partner and Tournament Director Norris Moore Jr. has done a great job to push this dream of ours into a reality. The growth of this event is limitless as we continue to develop partnerships with local and national business organizations. The benefactor of the 3 Club Classic is the local chapter of the First Tee program, The First Tee of Baltimore.

The use of the word ‘Timeless’ is a staple of Yooto’pea branding. What does the word mean to you and how is it applied to the Yooto’pea aesthetic and design approach?

Everything we do starts and ends with the thought “Is this Timeless?” If someone picked up this garment in 2030 or participated in this event in 2030 would it be received with the same enthusiasm and joy?

Finally, where do you see Yooto’pea in 5 years?

Our plan is to always be one step ahead of the golfer. When we began in 2000 many detractors thought golf and the urban aesthetic would never mix. As a company we laughed and continued to move forward knowing that the games participants would ultimately become younger. These younger players all grew up in the hip hop era and ultimately the clothing and on course needs would change. Case and point is the flat bill hat that is popular currently with players.

In 5 years we plan to be one of the leaders in the redefined pro shop experience. Golfer shopping and practice experience will be completely turned upside down in the next 5 years