Box of Chocolate Gatsby “A Love Story” Chapter 4

Baltimore, MD August 12, 2015:

Gatsby - “Box of Chocolates”Yooto’pea Golf LLC releases the final Chapter of its My Golf Clubs (a Love Story). The final chapter focuses on the apology and rebuilding of a relationship. Chapter 4 will feature the “Box of Chocolate Gatsby” for the final major of the golf season. The PGA Championship will be hosted by the dynamic Whistling Straits golf course.

It’s the perfect back drop to rebuild a relationship. All 14 clubs will be needed to execute and excel while dealing with the whistle of Mother Nature. The Wanamaker trophy is primed and ready for some new fingerprints.

The” Box of Chocolate Gatsby” is a rich cocoa brown with fire engine red accents. Chocolate is the perfect complement to a great meal or 18 holes of golf. This color begins the transition into the rich hues of fall. This piece isn’t as flashy as the Patchwork Gatsby but the structure, material and performance are all consistent with Yooto’pea. This box of chocolate is a foundation piece inspired by Bally sportswear of our childhood.

We are excited to see “The Box of Chocolate” paired with our Signature Polo (“Crisp Cotton White or Sunday Best”) and especially with our Swing Balance Range t-shirt with chocolate accents.

This season has been exceptional for the level of golf and drama in the major tournament championships. The Love Story will be coming to an end with this final chapter. The beautiful struggle of golf and our thanks for its life lessons will continue on.

Yooto’pea Golf is in full swing with it’s preparation for the 2nd Annual 3 Club Classic. The 3 Club Classic is a 9 hole event. Participants are only allowed to register 3 clubs. Three clubs force golfers to be creative and invent shots especially around the greens. This event puts a major emphasis on shot making, club selection and making the most out of limited resources. We are hoping to build a tradition that will last a lifetime for golfers. “Which three clubs do you trust?” The dialogue and debate has been amazing. There are so many styles of play and ways to approach this challenge. Our event will be held August 29, 2015 at the historic Carroll Park Golf Course. A 9 hole course located in downtown Baltimore, Maryland. Participants can register online at or come down to the course and register in person. Be sure to follow us on social media because Team Yooto’pea will be sending out days and times when representatives will be at the course.