”Logo Tee” Range Gear- Baldwin Edition

”Logo Tee” Range Gear- Baldwin Edition

In 97 I used to flirt with you every now and then. Time seemed to fly by when we were together. I ended up wearing Red Black & Green whenever I saw you. I wanted to see more of you.

2000 came along and I’m definitely into you. The Great Badu (@erykahbadu) drops “Didn’t Cha Know” and her words made me realize I never wanted to be without you.

My Yooto’pea was here to stay..

“Those who say it can’t be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.”
-James Baldwin

Your investing in a conversation piece…

  • Onyx Black tee
  • Crisp White/Sunday Red graphic
  • 50/50 Cotton Blend
  • Traditional Style Fit



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