Swing Balance

Baltimore MD, April 11, 2014:  Our start of the 2014 season begins with The Master’s Tournament, golf’s first major event of the season. The azaleas are beginning to bloom and the polar vortex appears to be finally over. Yooto’pea Golf is set to release “The Swing Balance” t-shirt as the next piece of its timeless apparel collection. We have followed the same blueprint with design, fit and materials. The color scheme has a more natural palate, sand colored 50/50 cotton blend tee with a chocolate brown sketch design. “Swing Balance” was inspired by the day to day tasks of life. Maintaining balance with your swing and in life is critical to success and happiness. ‘Strange things can Happen” on a golf course despite having the best plan. Flexibility is a key component to finding balance. This year’s apparel will be accompanied by a series of golf specific stretches, a step by step booklet for you to get your game off to a good start this season. Consider taking a lesson or having a friend film you at the range. Commit to getting better but be patient about the process. Remember seeking balance requires flexibility.

The Swing Balance tee can be found exclusively at YootopeaGolf.com

Yooto’pea Golf’s development of its first tournament is making steady progress.

The 3 Club Classic is a 9 hole event planned for late summer. Participants are only allowed to register 3 clubs. Three clubs forces golfers to be creative and invent shots, especially around the greens. This event puts a major emphasis on shot making, club selection and making the most out of limited resources.

Continue to check in with our web portal at YootopeaGolf.com for more updates. Most of all enjoy your golf season it’s great to be outside again.

Swing Balance YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/yootopea

Swing Balance T shirt - Yootopea Golf Apparel